Kayaking Adventure on the Italian Coast

Over the course of this wonderful month in Italy, the weather has run the full spectrum of sunbathing beach weather to cold, rainy, and windy days. It seems fitting that our last weekend, and last little adventure, was met with both extremes.

We tried to schedule a kayaking trip on a Saturday, but in the morning the weather looked like this… (not ideal)

On the Salerno dock, waiting for the ferry to Amalfi

We were a quite relieved when the guide called to say he was cancelling due to weather. We happily rescheduled for the next day. Thankfully, when we woke up on Sunday it was an entirely different climate. A beautiful and sunny day was the perfect setting for an 6 mile kayaking excursion. We brought the GoPro for some water-safe photography, and our awesome guides from Amalfi Kayak Tours took pictures throughout the trip then shared the whole batch.

We took off from the town of Amalfi, and quickly entered the part of the sea where the water is deep and a crisp, fresh, navy-teal color. My color vocabulary isn’t rich enough to describe it accurately. I think I need to do some paint-chip research at the hardware store when I get home.

At the start of the trip, leaving Amalfi

The first landmark we passed was the arch of lovers. The story our guide told us was that getting married at the top of the arch was once very popular. It was supposed to bring good fortune to the couple, and a long and happy marriage.

Under the Arch of Lovers on the Amalfi Coast


Arch of Lovers selfie

We continued on and passed the Saraceno Hotel. The high-end hotel has Moorish stone architecture, a private beach, and a cave looming overhead. It must be an fantastic place to stay, we’ve added it to our bucket list, but viewing it from the water wasn’t so bad either.

Kayaking in front of the Saraceno Hotel


GoPro image of the Sancero Hotel

The cave above the hotel was huge, but there are several smaller ones that line the coast right on the water. Our guide led us to a small one, then helped us navigate into it, one kayak at a time. Small, dark, and thick with ocean air, the little cave was a bite-sized version of some serious adventuring that I don’t know if I’d have to guts for. This min-version was just right.

The beautiful sea and the entrance to cave


Proof that we went inside

Does it get any better than this? Apparently it does!

Our last stop was a magical little beach where we were able to pull up our kayaks and relax for a bit before heading back to Amalfi. Fiordo di Furore has a narrow entrance, somewhat hidden from view out at sea, and a bridge over the top. The fjord used to connect to a river, and some of the sand is made of smoothed over pieces of broken tiles that builders threw into the water when working on homes along the rivers edge. We still swoon about the hour we spent here. If it hadn’t been our last day in the region we certainly would have come back for a second visit.

Cute little beach, and surprisingly not too crowded


So beautiful! Fiordo di Furore

We headed back to Amalfi, VERY happy that the weather worked out and thankful for the experience. We took one last walk around Amalfi and had one last feast of pizza and wine before heading back to Salerno. Cheers to you, Amalfi.

Two very happy people. 🙂

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