Goodbye (for now) to the Amalfi Coast

As we pack up to head to the next location, it’s less heartbreaking than usual because we know we’ll be back. We have relished in the scenery, food, and personality of this lovely little area of Italy and we wish everyone would move this to the top of their vacation list…so we can join you…and we can all soak it in together.

There are a few small things that we’d like to share about our overall experience, and add even more support to case for visiting for the Amalfi Coast.

Original image via Flickr by Paul-In-London


Okay Italy, you win. This dessert might be the most delicious sweet bite I’ve ever had. They are served piping hot in all their buttery, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth, glory. Inside it’s shell shape and sugar dusted layers is a sweet ricotta cheese filling. I don’t have any pictures of me eating one because I could not be bothered with a photo while I was in the zone.

One of many beautiful waterfalls along the Amalfi hike


We didn’t realize that there are so many beautiful hikes in this area. The picturesque beaches get all the glory, but exploring off the beaten path was one of our favorite experiences of the trip so far. The amazing hike that we did behind Amalfi was just a small taste of the treks you can take, and we can’t wait to see what else is in the hills on our next visit.

Fennel Liqueur, Finocchietto. We highly recommend!

Licorice Flavor:

Licorice, and the somewhat similar tasting fennel plant, is common flavor for candies, confections, and even drinks in this area. We bought a bottle of Finchetto, a fennel flavored liquer, from the Minerva gardens and it was very, very good.  We bought natural licorice candies from the farmers market and I loved them. They still do regular chocolates and pastries in other flavors that are all drool-inducing (looking at you Dolceria Pantaleone), but we were surprised and impressed by the abundance and flavors of licorice infused options.


They don’t speak classic Italian here, they speak Neapolitan, a regional language. And, our Airbnb host informed us, the long-time residents of Salerno have their own more specific dialect. In our opinion, all versions of the language are beautiful, but the mix of 3 languages spoken in one area made faking that we belonged there a little bit more complicated. A friendly old woman in our building corralled us to get coffee with her one day, and even with google translate to Italian it was a big challenge. The cafe owners helped out, thankfully, and we had a nice little “chat.” Before we headed out she even managed to give Kevin her phone number. haha (I’m not joking!)

Raw appetizer plate at Osteria Dedicato a Mio Padre in Salerno

Ask About the House Special:

Most chefs in Italy care very much about the ingredients they use and put love into the preparation of each dish. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to try to pick just one item off of the menu. Help yourself out and ask your server what the most popular item or the house specialty is. They’re usually proud of their best or most notable dish, and will happily recommend the good stuff. The really good stuff. Enjoy. We know we did.

Actually, the food was stellar but we enjoyed everything about our stay in Salerno. Can I picture us living in Italy? Yes. It feels so good being here, it’s rich with culture and an overall love of life. We’re tearing ourselves away to continue our adventures, but looking forward to our return trip already.

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